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The Southern Woodworkers is a community based organization that is dedicated to camaraderie, education, and creating a positive and fun environment for all makers who call the south home.

Our community originated on Facebook as a group and over the last couple years we have grown to membership website, Instagram, and YouTube. We would love for you to join us in all of those locations but we do understand that they might not be all of your "cup of tea"

Who are we?

Southern Woodworkers is a community of Makers and Woodworkers that live south of the Mason-Dixon line. We are most active on our Facebook group but also have folks joining us on Instagram.

Most of us are content creators or hobbiest looking to get into the craft, we thought it would be nice to have a centralized place to get to meet people that are "local" to you. We even created a map to show where folks live! Go ahead and add yourself!

Virtual hangouts and social media is great to keep up with people but its even better when you can meet in person. We organize a monthly meet-ups that we call lollygags. Lollygags are when people get to host or join folks in their local area to talk shop. In addition to that, most lollygags have food and beverages.


Upcoming Events