Best Southern Podcasters in 2017


We at Southern Woodworkers would like to share with everyone the talented people who are among us. Below is a list of podcasts and the folks who make them awesome. We encourage everyone to subscribe, share, and leave a rating for your fellow Southerners! Thanks for looking!

Maybe I've Said Too Much Podcast:

  • Izzy Swan is the owner and operator of all things Izzy Swan. Content creator, tool designer, and founder of the Tool Masters Association. If you can build it, or build with it, he’s made one.
  • Joel Crawford is the owner and operator of the Missing Digit Woodshop. They specialize in the cool, the quirky, and the must have in production woodworking.
  • Mike

Making Time Podcast:

  • Mike Jeffcoat Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business and creator of,
  • Charles Gantt is a maker, builder, and a master of all things electronic! Check him out and see all the cool things he does.
  • Darryl Jones owner of the Dread Knot Woodshop is an incredible woodworker and wood turner. Building and making for many years, Darryl shares many of his skills locally and on YouTube

WoodShop 101 Podcast:

  • Drew Short Woodworker since 2006 & YouTube creator since 2013 to over 60K people! Proud Okie & passionate about sharing my knowledge with the world.
  • Jeremy Crawford a military man with a great passion for his family. Jeremy is working hard to build a business he can pass down to his son.
  • Sam Wooddell also known as Samryan_designs on Instagram is a new addition to the podcast, but brings plenty of knowledge to the table. She builds a great mix of furniture and goods.


Made For Profit Podcast:

  • Brad Rodriguez is an Instagram superstar with incredible building skills. His massive following is no accident. He decided to team up with co-host John Malecki to share his knowledge of building a big social media following.
  • John Malecki a former pro football player, has become one of the premiere builders of rustic style furniture in Pittsburgh. His drive and dedication to everything he does has built a big group of followers. He loves to share all the things he's learned along the way.

The Green Woodworker Podcast:

  • Donny Carter is a hobby woodworker with a big interest in wood turning. He loves sharing his knowledge with others and decided to create his podcast so he could ask all the questions we all want to know from all our favorite makers.

No Driving Gloves Podcast:

  • John Viviani, the sports car restorer
  • Will Posey, the hot rod builder
  • Derek Moore, the brass-era & horseless carriage conservator

Making Geeks Podcast:

  • Josh Price,  Along with his wife, Josh runs his workshop as an element of their family’s homeschool and as a STEAM educational outreach program for kids throughout the Jacksonville, Florida area.
  • Wes Swain is  maker from NC who enjoys creating stuff out of many different materials and techniques.
  • Mark O'Keefe  is the brand new rookie father of the group who is a husband, full-time communications technician, amateur woodworker, and amateur maker.
  • Shawn Jolicoeur, raised on a diet of Transformers, Thundercats, and Construx. Shawn developed a love of everything Geek.


LIVE shows!

There are also two LIVE podcast shows that we would like to mention.

CNC with Dave Gatton on YouTube. You can check out more on Dave at his website

Let's talk shop with Russ Claridy can be found on YouTube and more info on him can be found at his website