Meet The Maker - #shouldhavemeasuredthatdoorway

Welcome everyone to the second installment of "Meet the Maker".  This weeks featured maker is none other than David Molina.  David is originally from New York but has called Hiram, Georgia home for the past 12 years.  David's shop is a 10X20 building with a 7x10 workable floor space.  His day job is in plumbing and he has over 30 years experience in the trade.


David started woodworking around 12 years ago when he moved to Georgia and told me "My daughter needed a dresser for her room, so I researched it, built it, and I was hooked after that".  Weren't we all David, weren't we all.  It's really amazing how many of us came to woodworking and making more out of necessity and not a simple curiosity.

David, like most of us, doesn't always have the perfect tool for every job.  "Being still new to woodworking, 95% of my projects I have to figure out as I go along.  I don't always have all the tools I need for the job, but I make do with what I have".  He told me even when he does buy the right tool for the job, sometimes his alternate methods are still what he reverts back to.  Most of his projects he turns his favorite tool...the pocket hole jig.  He really picked up his commissioned woodworking in the last couple of years, and tries to limit it to projects he can fully complete inside his shop, which allows him time to be at home and spend time with his family.  He draws his love for woodworking from his Dad, who was a jack of all trades type of guy.  David's wife frequently catches him in the shop late at night, when he has truly gotten lost in the time warp developed by his love for the craft.

David says he plans to retire from plumbing and go into woodworking full time in the near future, but worries that once it's really WORK, it might not be as fun anymore.  We talked about what goes on in the shop besides the project itself.   David has a self described "overkill" surround sound stereo system in the shop, and loves jamming out to some classic rock, and throws some top 40 and old school R&B in the mix as well.  When it comes to the start to finish steps of the build process, painting is by far David's least favorite part.  He came to us at Southern Woodworkers around eight months ago, and has loved the community.  I have gotten to hang out with David at several of our local lollygag meetups here in Georgia, and he's always a BLAST to be around.  Anyone who can successfully use #60grit sandpaper as their primary lathe tool is alright by me.

We all have those oops moments, where the best option seems to be diving head first into a planer, and David's went a little something like this:

"Well I built a custom desk for a customer, she said she wanted deep drawers, and of course I said no problem.  When it was time for delivery it wouldn't through the door....I never measured it, and to make a long story short I had to bring it back to my shop on my dime and practically rebuild it from the start."  

Man, have we all been there.  Below you will see some of the fantastic work David has done, which I made the mistake of showing to my wife.....which made my honey-do list grow....thanks a lot David.  David is just another example of the unique talent we have in the Southern Woodworkers community.  Self-taught, with a passion like no other for creating things.   Well done sir, well done.

“By All means read what the experts have to say. Just don’t let it get in the way of your woodworking.” John Brown