What is a "Lollygag"?

Growing up you were always told "Never talk to Stranger". As time went by you would hear stories of people meeting others on the internet and then never hearing from them again. Now we use an app to get a stranger to come pick us up and take us somewhere.

Times have changed, and meeting people with the same common interest as you, has now become easier to do. For us we have Woodworker shows, Maker Faire's, and meets ups (Lollygags for us Southern woodworkers). Even though we share projects, talk about life, and joke around with one another, some of us are still hesitant to meet each other. We still hear our mothers voice in the back of our heads saying "Never talk to Strangers".

But are we really strangers to one another?

Some of us have known each other for years and have never meet. Other we have only known for a month or two. But the one thing that has brought us together, is or love and passion for making things. So should we be afraid now? The "Lollygags" are a time to meet each other, and to meet folks with the same passion as you that you might not otherwise have ever ran into. Now it doesn't necessarily mean you have to meet at someones house or shop, you could always meet up at a local watering hole, or restaurant. It's really all about getting that face to face with the people you have shared so much with. Getting to put a face with the name. Eventually you'll starting meeting up at the shop and working on projects together, getting to know their family. Who knows it might eventually end up with you being part of someone wedding that you wouldn't have ever crossed paths with them in your day to day. So what I'm saying is, let's get together, let's build! Most importantly, let's connect with one another offline. Let's get the lollygags going!

So with that said, i'll see you soon!

- Julian

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