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I was talking to few other members of our community and we came up with an idea we wanted to share with everyone. Now before I get into what that is I think it’s important to cover the why just a little bit. So please bear with me till we get to the good stuff that I and I’m sure you all will be excited about. It has really been awesome watching and being a part of our community as the Southern Woodworkers has gone from a few guys talking online to meeting up at each other shops for lollygags. It didn’t take long before we were hosting our own booths at events like the Woodworking Shows or Maker Faires. As we continue to grow and we also want to expand our participation in events that you the members want to be involved in. The costs associated with these past events were mostly covered by donations from a few of the members involved. The bottom line is that no one wants the Southern Woodworkers to have any kind of dues since our mission is building community. But we also know hosting a website and having funds available for booth fees and associated event costs have to come from somewhere. Our Swag Store does bring in some funds with t-shirts sales but not enough to cover everything. This is where the idea for our fund raiser was born.

Starting next year, the Southern Woodworkers will be adding the 2018 Southern Woodworkers Commemorative Support T-Shirt available in the Swag Store. This shirt will still have the Southern Woodworkers Logo on the front but the back will have the logos of up to thirty sponsors logos on them. This is where we throw in a bit of a twist… we want to fill up the back of the T-Shirt with our members logos. To have your logo on the 2018 Southern Woodworkers Commemorative Support Shirt we are asking for a $30 donation. We will only have 30 slots available each year. Those donations along with the sale of the T-Shirts will go to cover overhead costs and community events.

To keep printing costs to a minimum we will only be able to print in a single color for the logos on the back and ask that the logos be sent in vector format. If you would like your logo to be featured on this years Commemorative Support T-Shirt than please donate $30 via the Donate link and leave a note that you would like to be a sponsor and we will reach out to you to get your logo. We will be accepting sponsors for the 2018 shirts till January 31st 2018 or unit all 30… I mean 29… wait now only 28 slots are available! Now go get signed up and then go get out in your shops and go make some sawdust!

Sign up here!