Meet the Maker - Shawn Marder

Meet The Maker

    Growing up next to some neighbors you might find yourself on a scooter made from an old crate and skate wheels, looking much like you just rolled out of Our Gang! If not that, perhaps a canoe made from 2 X 4’s covered with a cloth painted with an oil-based paint. It really floated! I was assured this by this week’s maker, Shawn Marder. Fast forward through High School and a career that brought retirement, Shawn wasn’t about to slow down! Shawn had started a successful custom closet business which brought him to the part of Shawn’s life that I tend to call, “Go BIG or stay home!” Industrial Equipment! Shawn became a broker for some pretty awesome machines! First was an industrial panel saw, a Holzher 1265 Supercut. From that came a  procession of saws, edge banders, sanders and production machines that can process five sheets of plywood at a time - all on steroids! In his spare time, one annual activity is helping his daughter’s school with their parade float. There has been a snow globe float, Star Wars and last year an ark theme that won The Commissioner’s cup! Shawn found the woodworking community online and told me he started by watching Dave Gatton’s You Tube channel which led to finding more woodworkers and eventually he found The Southern Woodworkers, and we’re glad he did!

Catharine Hoehn