Meet the Maker - Southern Ginger Workshop

Meet the Maker

 This week’s maker is no stranger to us- affable, helpful and humorous, our own Zach Manring, The Southern Ginger Workshop, is infamous in the woodworking community. Often recognized for his  amazing build of his teardrop trailer Zach has proven to have many facets of creating, making and designing. Starting in his teens in Maryland, Zach came by woodworking honestly learning from his father and his PaPa. Now located in Canton, Georgia, Zach can be found in his basement workshop working on a new project - a larger teardrop trailer! Zach explained that it will be an even more challenge because with this build, one needs to breakdown the sheet goods used to build the trailer in a very precise way. This maker likes to tinker with different things and it’s evident in his videos and projects that he is proficient mixing technology and woodworking into many impressive creations, some of which solves problems for other woodworkers, like his cord clips to use for the “F” word products. Zach recently learned how to double inlay and is understanding more about finishing to the depth of how the different sand particles break down. 
     We can’t read about Zach without mentioning why we’re all reading this article to begin with- The Southern Woodworkers. In December of 2016, Zach decided it would be nice to have a community of woodworkers that were to a local area, family oriented and a safe place to discuss woodworking without judgement or scorn. Where there really was “no stupid question”. The friendliness of the South was a perfect place to start. Instituting Lollygags and Meet-ups, we sure eat good! And of course the camaraderie! 
     I enjoyed lurking on The Southern Ginger’s Facebook page looking at all the photos and learned something important about Zach- if he acts like he can’t bowl, don’t believe him! I saw his scores! 
     You can find Zach:

Catharine Hoehn