Meet the Maker - Barn Rat Studio

 Meet the Maker

Straight up and articulate. That’s the impression I get whether talking to Ryan “Barn Rat” Ridgely in person, on facebook or watching his extremely informative You Tube videos. Not only do his videos offer easy to follow instructions for making yard games and other items, he also shares with you the wisdom he’s gained through his “trial by fire” method of making, promoting and selling. In addition to full videos, I also enjoyed a standard in his “Making Barn Rat Series” of: What Went Well, What Didn’t Go Well and the Learning Moment of the Week. 
     His “trial by fire” beginning happened by accident. Ryan had made some yard games for his outdoor wedding - only four years ago! Then a move for his employer brought him to Northern Kentucky and the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Eight months into being there, the job was no more and lucky for the woodworking community Barn Rat was born! I was surprised when I found out he hadn’t been woodworking forever- he was quick to point out when he gets stuck or needs to know how to do something there’s community and You Tube! 
     Barn Rat’s favorite builds are accent walls. He states that they’re fun because there’s no right way to fashion them but there’s definitely a wrong way! They’re like putting art on a wall. Ryan also has recently had a successful “Make and Take” class. You can see his work on his home page and the other links listed below!

Catharine Hoehn