Commemorative T-shirt 2019 Contest

Last year was amazing!

Every year we create a new commemorative t-shirt to showcase the amazing folks in the community. Last year we created a blue “Proud Member“ t-shirt with 36 spots on the back for purchase.


Bring on your best design!

This year we want to do something very similar but we want YOU to get involved. The shirt will be the same style but this time it will be a Lime Green.


Now here is where we will have some fun. I know many of you have incredible design talent and we want to open it up to you to design the front. Between now and the end of November 2018, submit your best design and we will reach out the the community to vote. The winner will get 2 FREE shirts.

The design will be for the front only and can be in any color you want or even full color if you choose. Also the design must not be any larger than 12” x 16”.

Of course, if you win, your design will be on the website for everyone to admire and purchase. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! The back slots will be available to purchase soon.

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