Meet the Maker - Moonpie Creations

Meet the Maker

     Although it wasn’t until sometime later that he became a maker, Ken Moon of Moonpie Creations would watch his Grandfather in his shop and remembers always wanting to use Grandpa’s tablesaw. (He didn’t get to.) There was the occasional shop project in school, a lidded box, a dart board case and building in later years in the Military setting up camp. Ken’s real start came from a conversation while sitting around a kitchen table where Ken was trying to decide what to do. Someone piped up jokingly and said to finish a project that had been started by another many years ago. The project so far was just a 50 foot by 32 foot slab. It was the start of a garage. Finding two helpers in a 78 year old man and Ken’s 15 year old son, Ken started on his first major project. During this time he watched a lot of You Tube videos and after the roof was placed on that garage, Ken’s mother gifted him with a bandsaw. A bevy of bandsaw boxes followed! A favorite was made from 120 year old barn wood. Ken bought a lathe and a love of turning began. Ken has recently opened an Etsy store, Moonpie Creations if you’d like to see more of his work than pictured here. He can also be found on

Catharine Hoehn