Meet the Maker - Knotical Woodwork

I must confess that time got away from me tonight. I’ve been trying to get a little bunny outta my shop. It wandered in at some point and I really hope it wandered out. Once I read about all that keeping it entailed, I thought twice about that! So at the risk of sounding egotistical, I’ll just interview myself because it would be rude to call someone at 1:30 in the morning.

I retired from the Navy in 1994, after being a machinist, making submarine parts at Pearl Harbor, being a Brig Guard, serving on the Ship’s Master-at-Arms force, had a ship out of San Diego and one out of Pearl in my career. Leaving the Military, I swore to myself I never wanted to work on another machine - ever! Fast forward to my husband seeing a commercial for something called a Kreg jig. Thinking it would be a neat thing for me, it became one of that year’s Christmas presents. It lay untouched for 4 years. Moving into our home I had to gut it. 4 roll-offs of trash. When the carpet came off the stairs I knew they had to be replaced and for joining the landing boards together, finally out came the Kreg! Now I collect clamps and lumber, and am a nurse by my day job to pay for it all. He’s created a monster! 

You can find me on Facebook and YouTube as Knotical Woodwork, and on Instagram as Knotical_Woodwork.

Catharine Hoehn